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The idea of condition-based maintenance is to detect the potential failure before an actual failure occurs. Image credit: Danfoss

Conditioning monitoring with intelligent drives in Industry 4.0

By Sydney Govender, Danfoss Drives South Africa senior country sales manager

The fourth industrial revolution, which is also known as Industry 4.0, refers to the combination of physical assets and advanced digital technologies that communicate, analyse and act upon information, which in turn enables organisations and consumers to be flexible and make more intelligent, responsive, data-driven decisions.Read More »Conditioning monitoring with intelligent drives in Industry 4.0


Corrosion: A clear and present danger

By Tobias Wolf, deputy head of product management at Stulz GmbH

Data centre free cooling system components such as air to water heat exchangers are subject to the possibility of corrosion, which can lead to significant efficiency and availability issues. Precautionary measures are therefore vital. This article explains how to minimise the risk of failure and save costs along the way. 

Read More »Corrosion: A clear and present danger

Heat exchangers – Part 2

By Marius La Grange, general manager, Thermocoil

A basic introduction to fin and tube designs.

“Heat exchangers (HEs) transfer heat from one fluid to another without the fluids coming in direct contact” – (ASHRAE, 2008, Chapter47). An exchange of heat energy taking place between at least two fluids. A fluid of course being a vapour or a liquid or a combination of both.

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