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ACRA is a fully merSETA accredited trade test centre offering learner ships, apprenticeships and adult training. Our Academy comes with a large fully equipped 1,000m2 work shop where we provide a range of training including;
ACRA Classroom

Air Conditioning Training
Refrigeration Training
Ventilation Training
Trade Testing
First Aid
Fire Fighting
The world stands on the verge of a sustainable transformation. Today, we have proven and reliable solutions to meet many of our climate, urbanization and food challenges. But as we go even further, we need to keep a constant focus on engineering.
We have branches all across Southern Africa in every major region with a wide logistics network. This helps enable us to deliver products needed by customers where and when they need them. We also export to all SADC regions as well as some major African countries on the east and west coasts of Africa as well as the Indian ocean islands.
Measuring instruments from Testo are used by customers all over the world for widely differing applications.

However, our real strength has for years been with HVAC/R technicians. Nowhere are the measurement tasks more diverse, the conditions tougher and the customers more demanding.

Just the right mixture for us.