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Welcome to Gismo Installations cc, your partner for SIKLA INNOVATIVE PIPE SUPPORT SOLUTIONS in Southern Africa. We’re dedicated to providing you with the very best the SIKLA brand has to offer with an emphasis on experience, competence and custom solutions.
The Rickard UV Air Purifier combines the protective power of UVC light and the performance of Rickard diffusion to give you a diffuser that not only keeps you comfortable but reduces the risk of exposure to viruses too. Rickards patented UV induction treatment system induces air from the room and through the diffusers UV treatment zone where it is treated. The induction system is quietly powered by the discharge of conditioned air and therefore does not need fans or external power.
We do anything and everything to do with fans and air movement technology.

We service the private, small business, SME and corporate enterprise and industry markets.
We develop custom climate control solutions for industrial and commercial processes. Through long-term partnerships, we enable local manufacturers and distributors to produce export quality products at global standards of efficiency. Our unique approach to the Human Comfort Window also optimises working environments, boosting staff productivity and improving efficiency.