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ACRA is a fully merSETA accredited trade test centre offering learner ships, apprenticeships and adult training. Our Academy comes with a large fully equipped 1,000m2 work shop where we provide a range of training including;
ACRA Classroom

Air Conditioning Training
Refrigeration Training
Ventilation Training
Trade Testing
First Aid
Fire Fighting
We do anything and everything to do with fans and air movement technology.

We service the private, small business, SME and corporate enterprise and industry markets.
Welcome to Gismo Installations cc, your partner for SIKLA INNOVATIVE PIPE SUPPORT SOLUTIONS in Southern Africa. We’re dedicated to providing you with the very best the SIKLA brand has to offer with an emphasis on experience, competence and custom solutions.
Visit Southern Africa’s largest trade show across the mining, electrical, automation, manufacturing, power and transport industries. An exciting showcase of new technologies, ground-breaking machinery and equipment, cutting-edge products, systems and services, and more!