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Precise engineered spaces

Compiled by Benjamin Brits

Cleanrooms, as controlled environments, are primarily designed to limit the amount of particulate or a contaminant from entering or leaving a space – be this dust, chemicals, vaporised droplets or biological organisms, or facilities that are highly sensitive to any form of foreign object or debris entering a process.

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Chillers: Over a hundred years in the making

Compiled by Benjamin Brits

Most processes today involving mechanical elements generate heat as a by-product, and if not removed from the system will result in unfavourable conditions.

No matter if you are looking at a processing plant, manufacturing facility, laboratory, or the cooling in a building, a version of the chiller would be a suitable solution in managing the various ways heat is generated that causes, amongst others, a negative effect on efficiency, comfort in the case of occupied spaces, and can ultimately cause varying degrees of system failure.

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