Midea, one of the world’s largest producers of major appliances and a leading innovator in the HVAC industry, announced the launch of its EVOX G3 heat pump system.

New multi-purpose vessel for Port of Cape Town.

New multi-purpose vessel for Port of Cape Town. Supplied by Midea

This latest generation of the EVOX series, featuring the EVOX G3 Heat Pump and EVOX G3 Air Handling Unit (AHU), represents the future of electric, inverter-driven heat pump technology as the solution for home heating and cooling upgrades, designed to deliver unparalleled heating/cooling comfort, performance and ease of installation across North America.

Midea’s new EVOX G3 Heat Pump is the outdoor unit engineered to defy harsh winter temperatures, reliably providing up to 100% heating output at down to -13°F (-25°C) and operating effectively down to -22°F (-30°C), all with a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 1.8. Tailored for optimal performance in virtually all climates, the entire EVOX G3 product line boasts ultra-high energy efficiency that exceeds CEE Advanced Tier and ENERGY STAR Most Efficient specifications. This ensures eligibility for nearly all available Federal rebates in the United States and Canada, significantly easing the financial burden for homeowners.

Ranging from 1.5-ton to 5-ton units, Midea EVOX G3 heat pumps feature Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) technology and a multi-layer heat exchanger, ensuring consistent warmth without reliance on auxiliary heat, even in the most severe weather conditions. When combined with auxiliary heat, the EVOX G3 heat pump delivers stable and optimal heating in extremely cold environments. The 3-ton EVOX G3 unit can achieve energy savings of up to 72.7% compared to traditional electric heaters. The EVOX G3 heat pump offers more eco-friendly heating than a gas furnace without compromising the heating output or user comfort. EVOX G3 also has you covered in the summer, with a cooling efficiency of up to 19 SEER2 that can provide energy savings of up to 32.5% compared to the conventional 14.3 SEER systems currently popular on the market.

Midea’s EVI technology is the driving force behind the EVOX G3 system’s revolutionary cold climate heating performance. This technology hinges on a two-stage refrigerant compression process, with an intermediary injection of additional refrigerant vapor. This bolsters the heat pump’s heating output, making it a reliable choice during cold weather, and ramps up its efficiency/COP score. The injection of vapour refrigerant facilitates higher output temperatures while simultaneously expanding the operational range of the heat pump, thereby ensuring outstanding functionality even in sub-zero conditions. Through EVI technology, Midea is combining robust performance and heightened efficiency for energy-saving heating solutions.

Source: Midea