RACA Journal is devastated to have learned of the sudden passing of John Parry, shortly after his accepting the role of executive director of SARACCA. The following obituary was written by Barney Richardson.

John Parry.

John Parry. Image credit: © Eamonn Ryan/RACA Journal

John was a well-known figure in the ventilation and air conditioning industry up until his untimely death in Durban. He will be deeply missed by all who knew and worked with him.

To his wife, Jane, and four daughters he was a devoted husband and father, always there to love and support. His memory is cherished by his family as a fun-loving person who lived life to the full and who charted his path through life each step of the way.

His business, 52 Engineering, was started by John in 1986 and grew through the years with a good reputation for quality work. 52 Engineering joined SARACCA in 2009, commencing a relationship that endured till his death.

John served SARACCA in various positions from chairman of the Gauteng branch through being elected vice president and moving up to president of SARACCA from 2018 to 2020. In recent times when the director of SARACCA position became vacant, John accepted the new challenge with enthusiasm. He took up an interest in the development of members new to the association. In addition, he encouraged members to train and upskill their staff.

SARACCA nominated John to represent the association on the board of SAQCC Gas for the registration of authorised refrigeration practitioners. In this role he particularly promoted the online CoC system. John was serving as chairman of the board at the time of his passing.

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