Eurovent Middle East, the region’s HVACR industry association, is set to launch its Leadership Academy and provide certified training to MEP engineers and technicians in a Press Conference on 3 October 2023, at Le Royal Meridian, in Dubai Marina, UAE.

Markus Lattner, international director, Eurovent International. Image supplied by Eurovent International

Markus Lattner, international director, Eurovent International. Image supplied by Eurovent International

The Leadership Academy will provide focused education and training on products and technologies, including essential information on specifications, regulations, standards and operation and maintenance practices.

The announcement comes at a time when efficient cooling is gaining awareness as a critical component in broader sustainability objectives within the Middle East region, where cooling is vital to daily life. According to the IEA, the use of air conditioners and electric fans already accounts for about a fifth of the total electricity in buildings worldwide – 10% of all global electricity consumption. Reports also noted that in the next three decades, the use of AC’s is set to soar, becoming one of the top drivers of global electricity demand. An estimated 70% of a building’s energy consumption is attributed to its cooling and ventilation requirements in the UAE, with up to 30% being potentially saved by simply implementing adequate maintenance procedures.

Eurovent Middle East is dedicated to providing a platform that focuses on the education and training of HVACR professionals to increase the skills, understanding and capabilities of the industry’s workforce. This will not only contribute a big step towards more energy efficiency in the cooling, refrigeration and ventilation sectors, but will also help extend the service life and longevity of installations, reduce operational costs and provide a safer and healthier indoor environment to people. All courses will conclude with a dedicated certificate, helping participants to document their continued education and providing them with improved career opportunities.

Markus Lattner, international director, Eurovent International and managing director, Eurovent Middle East, commented: “We see that missing knowledge among professionals is one of the prime reasons for inefficient cooling, refrigeration and ventilation. It is also true that dedicated continued education is hard to find. Therefore, the industry believes that action in capacity building is essential for the region’s growth and sustainability plans. Eurovent Middle East and its members consider this its primary responsibility as an industry association. With the joint expertise of our members and selected partners, we are committed to supporting the market with essential training and education for efficient cooling.”

Eurovent Middle East has in the past organised numerous workshops on various topics to increase awareness among MEP Engineers on products and technologies available on the market. It has also been among the first associations worldwide to issue guidance and recommendations during the pandemic, and alerted people on the risks related to Covid-19 associated with lack of ventilation in closed spaces.