The Vertex Evaporative Condenser is where reliability meets easy maintenance.

Vertex evaporative condenser. Image supplied by Vertex

Vertex evaporative condenser. Image supplied by Vertex

This new benchmark combines what you like most about legacy BAC evaporative condensers with new innovations for the future. The Vertex Condenser offers maximum uptime with easy and safe accessibility. It also has the lowest total cost of ownership with the lowest installation, maintenance and operating costs. And of course, the Vertex Condenser uses evaporative cooling, so it is an inherently sustainable solution for your industrial refrigeration and other industrial process applications.

Maximum uptime and reliability (year-round operation)

  • Maximise reliability and minimise unplanned downtime with the EC Fan System (direct-drive fan system with EC motors and axial fans)
  • Enjoy peace of mind and uninterrupted operation with multiple fans and motors
  • Perform through the harshest conditions with a durable and robust industrial design
  • Increase reliability, corrosion resistance and longevity with superior material options that save you time and money

Easy and safe accessibility (alleviate confined space limitation)

  • The largest access door easily accommodates a 2.1m tall person; a sturdy step and safety handle provides safe entry and exit
  • Ground-level access to the drive system, pump(s) and terminal box eliminates the need for platforms or ladders to access them
  • Stay dry while safely inspecting the basin with an internal walkway
  • Reduce maintenance labour costs by 50% and address confined space hazards with a walkable, spacious interior and easy entry and exit
  • Industry-leading, most configurable OSHA-compliant modular platforms to meet your specific site requirements

Low installation costs (30% reduction in installation costs)

  • Reduce on-site labour requirements and ensure on-time commissioning with pre-assembled platform options
  • Align the upper section to the lower section in less than 15 minutes per cell, due to the industrial-grade rigidity of the unit
  • Simplify field installation and save time with single point EC fan wiring
  • Save time and money; no VFD or vibration switch is required

Low maintenance costs (50% reduction in maintenance costs)

  • No regular maintenance required for the direct-drive EC Fan System
  • Easy inspection of the basin, strainer and drive components with a sturdy internal walkway
  • Easy cleaning and improved hygiene with a compact, sloped water basin
  • Save on chemical and water costs with up to 30% lower water volume
  • Fast and easy inspection of all nozzles with optional pre-assembled platforms at an ergonomic working height
  • Reduce maintenance costs and maximise uptime with BAC’s enhanced belt-driven independent fan system (optional); that easily allows access to all drive components

Superior efficiency (10% lower energy usage)

  • Reduce operating costs with the highly-efficient, direct-drive, variable-speed EC fan system
  • For many replacement jobs, the innovative design can provide a higher capacity or reduced energy usage at the same weight
  • Save energy with improved head pressure control in winter months due to the EC fan system’s lower minimum speeds

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