Image credit:  LG

Image credit: LG

From hot summer days to humid rainy nights, an air conditioner will help you regulate the temperature in any room. But choosing a unit that fits your home is easier said than done. How are you supposed to know what size air conditioner to get? And why is it important to know? All this and more, answered now!

Turns out size does matter

Before we get into the what, let’s start with the why. If your air conditioner isn’t a model that can cool a large room, you may experience drawbacks like insufficient cooling as air won’t reach throughout your space. Insufficient moisture removal might occur as the space is too large for the air con to do its job correctly. Lastly, you may find yourself with unnecessarily high electricity bills. Typically, units are optimised to perform best in a certain sized space; when they have to work overtime to reach the desired temperature and humidity, they will use more energy to perform the same function.

Determining the size of your next aircon

The first course of action is to seek help from a professional installer. They’ll advise you on the best unit size for the space you’re intending to cool by looking at the BTU (British Thermal Unit) needed. In short, it’s the unit used to measure thermal heat energy.

As a guideline, a room size of 15 to 18 square metres will benefit from an aircon with a BTU of 9 000. A room of 20 to 25 square metres will need 12 000 BTU, and a room between 30 and 35 square metres will need 18 000 BTU. The largest room we’re including calculations for is 40 to 45 square metres, which would need 24 000 BTU.

If you have a large, open-plan space that needs to be cooled efficiently, the LG ArtCool 18 000 BTU Heat and Cool Split Air Conditioner is an ideal fit. Plus, it boasts up to 60% energy saving. Not only is it made to disperse cool air faster, evenly, and more effectively, but it also purifies the air with Ionizer Air Purification technology that is ideal if anyone in the home is struggling with allergies. The best part is that settings can all be managed, controlled and troubleshot via the LG ThinQ app.

The LG Dual Inverter 9 000 BTU Heating & Cooling Split Air Conditioner can efficiently cool smaller spaces. It uses the same Dual Inverter Compressor as the ArtCool, which results in the unit producing cold air faster while running quieter. This is perfect if you love to sleep with the unit on or don’t want the kids waking up to loud humming noises. It also offers an energy saving of up to 70%, which you can adjust even more with LG’s Active Energy Control button. Choose between 80%, 60%, and 40%, and take the performance of your unit into your own hands.

LG has a smart range of residential air conditioners to keep your home cool and comfortable. Find the perfect fit for your family and the right size for your space – it’s time to embrace the good life.