Bosch’s OfficeOn makes it easy for HVAC-professionals to structure, plan and document their daily work in a paperless way with just a few clicks.

Simple software for the office and the construction site – co-operation with Bosch Power Tools. Image supplied by Bosch

Simple software for the office and the construction site – co-operation with Bosch Power Tools. Image supplied by Bosch

The software developed by Bosch Power Tools – one of the world’s leading suppliers of power tools, power tool accessories and measuring equipment – allows the heating brand Bosch Home Comfort to offer an easy-to-use and well-structured software solution for the centralised and digital management of all relevant work of smaller trade businesses. The new cloud-based software solution reduces the administrative effort and is particularly easy to use. OfficeOn makes everyday office tasks such as quoting and invoicing, scheduling and time tracking easier than ever before, making life easier for busy heating contractors.

OfficeOn digitises all relevant processes in the day-to-day heating business. The result: centralised and well-structured control in a single system. The software for the skilled trades includes a browser-based web application for the office and an app for use in the field. Both are connected at all times via the cloud and all data is synchronised in real time. The web application makes it quick and easy to complete all office tasks – from project planning to quoting and invoicing, from co-ordinating appointments to managing the customer base.

Own services, such as hourly rates, can be easily created and retrieved for quotations and invoicing. Third-party services provided by wholesalers can also be quickly imported and taken into account via a Datanorm and IDS interface. In addition, heating contractors can use the standard-compliant Datev interface to transfer their data directly to their tax advisor or tax office. This saves time and money. Finally, employees can use the app to access functions that are particularly important for managing customer appointments, including making appointments and recording hours via digital timesheets and report slips. These can be conveniently confirmed by customers using the digital signature function. This means that legal requirements can be met in a simple and efficient manner.

OfficeOn is cloud-based and instantly available with no installation required. All data is synchronised in real time and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device – from the office or via the app while on the move. Important tasks such as regular data backups, software maintenance and updates are performed automatically in the cloud. No manual updates are required. This greatly reduces the administrative burden on heating contractors.

OfficeOn mobile and office licences are available for periods of 6, 12 or 24 months. Mobile licences give field staff access to all the functions they need to perform and document their current job via a smartphone app. The office licence is designed for office staff and allows them to use functions such as project planning, quoting, invoicing and scheduling directly in the web browser without the need to install additional software. Each office licence automatically includes a mobile licence. HVAC professionals can easily and quickly exchange the points collected in the Partner Portal for all licences.

Better be quick: the first 500 heating contractors who book their OfficeOn package via the Bosch Partner Portal before the end of this year will benefit from a free initial setup (onboarding) worth EUR399. The optional onboarding helps PHC companies make the transition to the new software. It includes digital training and ensures that customer data is entered, and material lists and service catalogues are reliably transferred. All licences include chat and e-mail support. In addition, telephone support can be booked as a premium service. As part of the Bosch software portfolio, login is convenient via the SingleKey ID, which is created centrally once and is a digital access point for many Bosch Group brands such as Bosch and Buderus.

OfficeOn is available since October. Further information is available on the Bosch Partner Portal or at