Pump manufacturer KSB Pumps and Valves has introduced its latest EtaLine range of inline pumps including the advanced EtaLine Pro for diverse applications such as HVAC, industrial recirculation and heating systems.

Space saving pump.

Space saving pump. Supplied by KSW

The single stage volute casing pump requires a smaller footprint while maintaining high outputs as required in tight industrial applications where space is at a premium. The standard range of dry installed EtaLine pumps range in outputs from 1400 litres per minute to 3000 l/min making them suitable for a wide range of applications in tight quarters where performance and reliability are key.

The EtaLine pumps are engineered to excel in air conditioning, heating systems, water supply, heat recovery, industrial recirculation and cleaning circuits with key features including space-saving inline design allowing for vertical or horizontal installation, ideal for environments with limited space such as roofs or attics. Unlike traditional long-coupled pumps, the EtaLine pumps eliminate unnecessary space requirements while maintaining exceptional performance.

Despite their compact design, the EtaLine pumps boast impressive efficiency, delivering reliable performance without the need for balancing valves. This efficiency is further enhanced by the integration of a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) in the EtaLine Pro model, produced in Germany, providing users with unmatched control and energy savings.

“Our EtaLine pumps represent the pinnacle of fluid management technology,” says KSB Pumps and Valves market area manager, Dylan Mitchell. “With the innovative design and advanced features, our pumps offer unparalleled performance, flexibility and efficiency for applications in industrial pumping solutions.”

In addition to the advanced design of our standard EtaLine pumps, the EtaLine Pro pump incorporate advanced intelligence features, including a VSD with remote capabilities and our user-friendly flow manager App. These features enable users to have greater control over their pumping systems, simplifying operation and maintenance processes from remote locations if required.

Intelligent settings available allows the pumps to adapt to the conditions for optimal performance regardless of demand and flow rates and allows vastly enhanced efficiency as a result. These pumps are designed for efficiency and longevity from the bottom up and contribute to sustainable manufacturing practices by reducing material usage and weight, aligning with global efforts to minimise environmental impacts. Their Carbon Neutral production process reflects KSB’s commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.