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Trane: Service first

ServiceFirst 700

Trane Heating. Naturally. Showcasing the Trane CMAF air-to-water multi-pipe unit.

Facing unprecedented climate change, we must all challenge what is possible to make our world sustainable. Trane is committed to innovating with new technologies and using renewable resources available in nature as part of their contribution to mitigate climate change and reduce carbon footprint.

Designed to capture and re-purpose free energy available in the outdoor air and to re-purpose all the waste heat from the refrigeration cycle, Sintesis Balance leads the industry in performance and efficiency, and heating operating map.

Main features include:

  • Simultaneous cooling and heating all year around: two completely independent water circuits, one for chilled water and one for hot water
  • Unique Trane Adaptive Refrigerant Systemoptimises the charge in every operating model to deliver maximum performance and efficiency
  • Exceptional operating maps – makes it suited to all European climates to deliver hot water up to 68°C
  • Tracer Symbio 800 controllerto optimise performance per application, manage the defrost algorithm and provide superior unit protections in all modes and conditions. Combines with the leading TD7 touchscreen display.
  • Step coil condenserswith lower refrigerant charge and no trade off on cooling
  • Scroll compressors with intermediate discharge valve technology increasing part load efficiencies and the operating map
  • Multi-speed axial fans
  • 3 different levels of efficiency:
    • HE (High Efficiency)
    • SE (Standard Efficiency)
    • SSE (Special Standard Efficiency)