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The benefits of health-focused HVAC solutions

By LG Air Solutions

When you enter an office, building or home, the last thing that would be on your mind is the actual air you’re breathing in. You may consider the temperature or humidity, but that peace of mind is thanks to the space having an appropriate HVAC system that’s working hard to make it serene and safe by distributing clean air.

For anyone making lunch in the kitchen, a tourist checking into a hotel room, or a professional sitting at their desk in the company office, a great HVAC system will not only keep you comfortable come any season, but it’ll play a role in promoting physical health and wellbeing, thanks to innovative technology and health-oriented solutions.

It’s worth stopping to understand the technology that’s packed inside an AC unit and exploring the ways this tech is leveraged to help take care of people by taking care of the air they breathe.

Controlling the flow

Opening a window can only go so far in bringing in fresh air; we also need a means to control and monitor airflow. An HVAC system keeps the circulation constant, removing contaminated air and replacing it with filtered, breathable air.

The automated nature of these systems is designed so that you don’t even have to think about a room’s circulation, giving you total peace of mind. Look for systems that use smart inverter technology to monitor temperature and pressure. These systems can adjust their output according to the measurements, while continually balancing speeds.

Purifying the air

Replacing the air in a room contributes to protecting its occupants. But, to create a healthier environment with cleaner air, other solutions also need to be considered. Today’s HVAC systems are measured not just by their ability to control airflow, but also by the filtration and purification technologies they employ to ensure the air we breathe is of the highest possible quality.

And this is not just in regard to typical air pollution as we know it. Indoor pollution includes fine dust that can contain harmful attached particulates. This calls for a solution that offers a robust filtration process.

Purification kits are an example of how HVAC systems can offer an extensive way to filter and disperse clean air. Comprising a multi-step process, the purification kit uses several filters that carry out specific functions, such as dust electrification and deodorisation, all related to removing particles and dust from the air. These solutions are ideal for public spaces and are built with convenience in mind. They feature benefits such as easy installation and maintenance, as well as monitoring thanks to IoT connectivity.

The right solution for the right space

Knowing what solution is best for one’s space is the first step in taking full advantage of HVAC capabilities. Today, HVAC solutions are designed with specific locations in mind, ranging from hotels and restaurants, to conference venues and residential buildings. From variable refrigerant flow (VRF) to single and multi-split systems, you need to know the requirements of a space and the subsequent ideal solution to guarantee a level and all-encompassing distribution of filtered, clean air.

As the year gathers steam and people all head back to work and school, they will be spending more time indoors, gathering with families and work colleagues, in turn demanding that businesses invest in solutions that promote health and wellbeing. And a good place to start is the air we breathe.