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Technical tip – bleedingEdge leakDetection

Leak Detection v1

In tech terms bleeding edge refers to products, services and devices that are very new. Bleeding edge is newer and more extreme than technologies on the leading or cutting edge.

With the advent of Micro-computing, cloud storage, Artificial Intelligence and IoT allowing millions of sensors to permeate our lives, measuring and storing every miniscule change in temperature, pressure, humidity, location, Watt of energy, drop of water amongst other things. We have tapped into, and expanded onto this cloud of data, resulting in higher efficiencies, lower costs, productive people, ease of access, cleaner environments and more responsible management – all this, and so much more, at your fingertips…

The bleedingEdge Building Telemetry System was developed as a replacement to legacy Building Management Systems.

The bleedingEdge Field Equipment Station (Wi-Fi enabled protocol converter) converts the information from any BACnet or Modbus enabled devices that can then be communicated to either an Automation Server on site or to the bleedingEdge Cloud servers, using open standardized protocols and services.

The system allows for intuitive access via apps on tablets and smart phones. Users can control and monitor equipment such as air conditioning units, lifts, generators, UPS installations and monitor fire and security systems. The system continually interrogates the operating conditions and not only report faults but also provides alerts if equipment does not operate within its design parameters.

The bleedingEdge Leak Detection System is an early warning system that cost effectively monitors the water flow to individual toilets, urinals and automatic taps. The system measures the water flow duration and if it exceeds the pre-set time it flags it as a leak and automatically sends out a notification either to the building management system, the app or via a WhatsApp or SMS message.

The systems wireless technology makes it ideal for new installations as well as being retrofitted to existing installations.