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Sustainable cooling projects up for funding

The French government is offering funding of up to EUR3-million for sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning projects in developing countries.

The French Global Environment Fund (FFEM) is calling for proposals favouring integrated approaches, whether through the use of ‘natural’ refrigerants which offer greater energy efficiency or through alternative solutions without the need for such fluids.

Among other things, project proposals may include the transfer of skills and technologies to implement and support best available techniques and technologies within best environmental practices.

The funding is open to countries listed as beneficiaries of publicly-funded development assistance via the OECD DAC, with priority being given to the African continent.

The FFEM’s contribution in this co-financing arrangement will range between EUR500 000 and EUR3 000 000 per project. Co-financing by project sponsors and/or financial partners must amount to 70% of the overall budget in normal cases, or 50% of the overall budget for remarkably innovative projects or projects.

Deadline for submissions is 16 October 2020. Further information here.

The FFEM was created by the French Government in 1994 following the first Earth Summit. It promotes innovative solutions in the fields of biodiversity, climate, international waters, land degradation, including deforestation, chemical pollutants and the stratospheric ozone layer.

In 24 years, 314 projects have already been financed, in over 120 countries, including 69% located in Africa and the Mediterranean.