By Ntsako Khosa

“The realisation that HVAC is not a luxury, but a necessity for commercial buildings, was the key driver to immerse myself into this industry.” – Stefan Sander.

Stefan Sander, MD of Two Oceans Air Conditioning

Stefan Sander, MD of Two Oceans Air Conditioning.

Stefan Sander is the managing director of Two Oceans Air Conditioning. He handles the overall management of the daily operations of the firm. “My duties and responsibilities include developing and executing the company’s business strategies in order to attain its business objectives and provide strategic advice to the board and chairperson. To prepare and implement comprehensive business plans. I also plan cost-effective operations, market development activities, manage internal human resources and drive programmes to stimulate growth.”

Getting started

Sander’s final year studying mechanical engineering at CPUT in Cape Town saw him working for a commercial and industrial refrigeration company and this is where he developed his passion for HVAC&R. “During my fourth and final BTech year, I specifically started developing a keen interest for HVAC for the commercial property industry and was most fascinated with the fast advancing technology. In late 2009, just after graduating, I started working for TOAC, exposing myself to all elements and immersing myself in all facets of construction.” In 2013 he enrolled for a business management course at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. He says that this allowed him to take on more managerial roles that led to his appointment as the MD of TOAC in 2018.

For the love of the job

“I specifically started developing a keen interest for HVAC in the commercial space and was most fascinated with the new technologies being developed,” he says. In South Africa there will always be a good opportunity to grow and to offer more, especially in the current environment that demands of all of us in the business community to re-energise and stimulate the economy.
According to Sander, no given day in the construction industry is the same, so one cannot complain about monotony. “My favourite part of the job is to network and dealing with so many different types of people daily, both within the organisation and externally, as well as to work with our teams on diverse projects.”


Some the projects that he has worked on include:

  • Century City Urban Square (CCUS)
  • CTICC East
  • ETV Studios & Head Offices
  • Willowbridge Place
  • Netcare Christiaan Barnard Hospital
  • Chevron / Astron Energy Head Office

Future plans

Sander is optimistic about what lies ahead. “I foresee a prosperous future if we continue to execute well and deliver a good quality service. I would like to see a healthy culture being maintained within the organisation that allows for excellent service delivery.” He is motivated to find solutions rather than to see problems. “To continue to improve rather than to stagnate and get caught in a comfort zone. To see others grow with me, and around me, and thereby make this a better place for all of us, building a word-class company in its field,” he concludes.