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‘Shocks for Life’ for Essential Service Workers

Gabriel, the longest established shock absorber brand in South Africa, has launched an initiative for essential service workers who purchase Gabriel shocks between 25th May to 30th September 2020 to receive free replacement shocks for life.

Graeme Futter, Gabriel Head of Marketing and Sales, said the initiative was in recognition of the dedicated work essential service workers are providing who face the frontline each day, protecting and serving the citizens of South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These incredible people can now exclusively participate in Gabriel’s ‘Shocks for Life’ initiative, and never pay for replacement shock absorbers again,” he said.

“Essential service workers who purchase a set of Gabriel shock absorbers from any automotive spares retailer, workshop or fitment centre is eligible to register their purchase with Gabriel Shocks for Life. All they need to do when purchasing shocks is to complete an online form and upload their vehicle documentation to register with the Gabriel ‘Shocks For Life’ programme on the Gabriel website.”

“This exclusive limited offer covers workers currently employed in the essential services sectors of medical & healthcare, agriculture & logistics, retail & maintenance and safety & security,” he explained.

The initiative runs from 25 May to 30 September 2020. Should the registered shocks need replacement in the future due to a fault, failure or normal wear and tear, Gabriel will replace the faulty units in pairs. The purchaser simply emails their Shock for Life registration certificate, along with the details of the need to replace the units to , Gabriel will verify the claim against the ‘Shock for Life’ registration database and directly ship replacement units to the consumer.

Mr Futter added: “Gabriel is committed to safety on our roads and we want to say thanks to our essential workers. We are taking a position of giving something back whilst emphasising the focus on the word ‘Life’ that these essential services people selflessly protect and serve during these uncertain times.”

“Furthermore, as a local manufacturer, we’ve been part of South African road trips for more than 85 years. The road ahead is a long one, and by choosing the local expertise of Gabriel shock absorbers you are supporting and creating local jobs and products.”

‘Shocks for Life’ is only available to residents and vehicles registered within the Republic of South Africa.

If you are an essential worker and would like more information on the terms and conditions or how to register for your lifetime warranty, visit: #Shocks4Life #OutThereForUs #COVID-19