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Home » REAL Alternatives: An international success story helping RACHP move towards low-GWP refrigerants

REAL Alternatives: An international success story helping RACHP move towards low-GWP refrigerants

On 02 March 2022, more than 370 participants joined the live REAL Alternatives webinar “Refrigerant Emissions Alternatives and Leakage – blended learning for low GWP refrigerants” for three hours of presentations with simultaneous translation into six languages and hosting 13 speakers.

If you missed this important webinar, by clicking on the video preview it is possible to access the recording, allowing further benefits from the event even for those who have not been able to join live (almost 700 registrations were received).

Great feedback was obtained both from the experts and from the participants in the event: the presentations provided a valuable overview of the current situation of alternative refrigerants with low-GWP and how the REAL Alternatives project, today with 20 member countries, can support companies, technicians and associations in the transition towards new systems and safety while respecting the environment.

In addition to the experiences reported by the representatives of the many associations involved, the event also included two top-level technical presentations, based directly on the courses, by Marino Bassi of Italy (Good practice for Flammable Refrigerants) and Kıvanç Aslantaş of Turkey (Good practice for Carbon Dioxide).

The entire event was held in English and simultaneously translated into five European languages. The REAL Alternatives Consortium’s aim is that the success of this event will lead to additional countries joining, in addition to those of the 20 countries already involved: further information on this is available on the project’s website and by contacting REAL Alternatives ambassador, Mr Marco Buoni (ATF Secretary General and AREA President) at

The programme line-up included the following talks:

  • The importance of training and certification – Didier Coulomb | IIF-IIR, director general
  • Greetings and experiences from the Stakeholders – Blanca Gómez, CNI Spain – Liana Ghahramanyan, Shirakatsy Lyceum Armenia – Gratiela Tarlea, AGFR Romania – Stepan Stojanov, SCHKT Czech Republic – Peter Tomlein, SZCHKT Slovak Republic
  • Benefits from training in Flammable Refrigerants – Gabriela Biernat | IGLOO, sales specialist – certified by Prozon Foundation
  • Evolution of REAL Alternatives – Graeme Maidment| London South Bank University, professor
  • The REAL Alternatives e-learning experience – Miriam Rodway | IOR, chief executive officer
  • Good practices for Flammable Refrigerants (excerpt from the training) – Marino Bassi | CSG & ATF, expert trainer
  • Good practices for Carbon Dioxide (excerpt from the training) – Kıvanç Aslantaş | SOSIAD, expert trainer
  • Wrap up and Q/A session – Moderato da Marco Buoni | AREA, President – ATF, secretary general – CSG, chief executive officer – RA4LIFE, ambassador.

For more information on REAL Alternatives, visit their website.