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New partnership to create AC ten times more energy efficient

An agreement signed in the United Arab Emirates will result in the design of a residential air conditioner up to ten times more energy efficient than current AC technology, according to partners Hyperganic, Strata and EOS.

The official signing ceremony of the collaboration. Image credit: Hyperganic | Strata | EOS

The official signing ceremony of the collaboration. Image credit: Hyperganic | Strata | EOS

Hyperganic, an AI-based engineering platform company with offices in Germany and Singapore, is partnering with Strata, a UAE-based manufacturer, and industrial 3D printing specialist EOS to build what they claim will be the world’s most efficient residential AC system.

The details of precisely how this efficiency will be achieved have not yet been revealed, but it is clear that new designs of heat exchanger and refrigerant circuit will be key. The partners say the goal is to achieve up to 180 per cent improvement on the refrigerant cycle and a 200 per cent reduction in the heat exchanger energy consumption, with a combination of gains from energy recuperation using an integrated turbine in the refrigerant flow and enhanced airflow, alongside reduced electric motor energy use.

The strategic alliance between the three companies aims to help solve the environmental challenge of increased energy use for AC, which the International Energy Agency forecasts will triple by 2050. It currently is estimated to account for 20 per cent of global electricity usage, the partners note.

The partners say they “will combine Hyperganic’s Algorithmic Engineering approach with the industrial metal 3D printing process pioneered by EOS, and Strata’s implementation of digital production lines. The targeted result will be a residential AC unit that is not only 10 times more efficient, but can be sold cost-competitive compared to conventional AC units.”

The companies plan to show project updates at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP28 to be hosted in the UAE in 2023.

The three partners sealed the collaboration at an official signing ceremony witnessed by Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE minister of Industry and Advanced Technology; Sara Al Amiri, UAE minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology, and Musabbeh Al Kaabi, chief executive of UAE Investments at Mubadala Investment Company.

Hyperganic also used the event to announce the opening of its Dubai engineering office at the beginning of July. Hyperganic’s UAE team, which is expected to grow to 20 engineers by the end of 2022, says it will work closely with Strata’s team in Abu Dhabi and the EOS team on the implementation of the project.

Dr Sultan Al Jaber says, “The partnership between Hyperganic, EOS and Strata demonstrates how the UAE’s manufacturing sector can develop and launch homegrown products that are globally competitive and cater to demand in domestic and international markets. The development of competitive, marketable products is facilitated by an ecosystem of enablers, incentives and unique advantages that will empower the growth of the UAE’s industrial sector and deliver a positive impact on the national economy.”

Dr Hans J Langer, industrial 3D-printing pioneer and founder of EOS adds, “Sustainability and responsible manufacturing lies at the heart of our company. This project can only succeed when engineering and manufacturing are deeply integrated. We will engage with our UAE-based partners to significantly advance the state-of-the-art of technology further.”