Rory Macnamara, director and editor of Plumbing Africa Journal, is at the InstallerSHOW 2023, where Net Zero is the overarching topic on the second day:

Image supplied by Rory Macnamara | Plumbing Africa

Image supplied by Rory Macnamara | Plumbing Africa

Net Zero heat pumps, boilers, ventilation, hydrogen, and the critical role of the installer (contractor) working together as a cohesive industry to achieve climate change and global warming goals are the main topics at this year’s InstallerSHOW.

More than 400 exhibitors are here, showcasing their innovative products to a continuous stream of visitors. Twelve stations have been set up for talks, including one-on-one discussions and debates. The talks centre around the cost of heating, and how to reduce these costs.

The core of the ongoing discussions is to determine governments’ role in providing subsidies to achieve cost savings. A riveting discussion took place in the afternoon about “the heat pump revolution” (more about that in the next update). Tomorrow’s talk will focus on “is hydrogen heating happening?” Hydrogen is hot topic at the show, with many diverse views being expressed.

The predominant thread running through the discussions and talks at the InstallerSHOW is that Plumbing and HVAC cannot achieve Net Zero goals separately. Whilst each clearly have their essential and critical roles, they provide even more benefits to the consumer when working together.

Also, as reflected by the photos, many companies are represented in South Africa, and the technology displayed at the show, including HVAC and Plumbing innovation is available to us in this country.

Highlights of the heat pump revolution talk to follow!