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We are presenting our MCOOL units, these are our pre-built refrigeration units that we offer as part of our ‘of the shelf’ cooling solutions. 

The units are designed and built for light commercial, and commercial applications.

Our MCOOL range is built using HC heat exchangers and is designed for ‘slight’ pull down on the cold room units, and purely holding on the freezer units. As these are our standard units and are supplied with HC evaporators to match.

Our MCOOL units’ standard range for cold rooms, designed for 2°C room temp, offers cooling from 1.8Kw up to 8.2Kw, covering sizes from 6.9m³ up to 90m³ for holding applications, and the freezer units, offers cooling from 1.8Kw up to 9.9Kw, designed for room temps of -18°C/-20°C, and purely holding application.

Comprising of a condenser, compressor, liquid receiver, drier, sight glass, on the freezer units, suction accumulator and oil separators are standard, with HP/LP safety, and HP fan cycle if the condensing base has multiple fans. Enabling us to offer cooling, for most commercial refrigeration requirements.

We also sell all the required smalls and evaporators matching these units, including copper tubing, fittings, refrigerant gas, all smalls needed. And we are always expanding our range, to offer more!

For your larger heavy and industrial commercial needs, we offer specialised units to the contractors, based on their specific system/site requirements, with a full range of compressor options, like Dorin semi hermetic piston, Invotech Semi hermetic scrolls, Sanyo hermetic Scrolls, Manuerop, Kulthorn, Danfoss black hermetic piston compressors, for simplex and Mutliplex systems, whatever the requirement, we can build it!