Bulk earthworks for the first phase of Sandton’s brand-new R3 billion Barlow Park have begun to transform the landmark site from a corporate park that previously housed Barloworld Limited’s corporate office, logistics, and equipment head offices into a modern residential-anchored mixed-use neighbourhood.

A render of Barlow Park from the corner of Katherine Street in Sandton. Image credit: Atterbury | Divercity

A render of Barlow Park from the corner of Katherine Street in Sandton. Image credit: Atterbury | Divercity

Atterbury, who is leading the project alongside Barloworld, was awarded the development in 2017 based on its vision for a mixed-use precinct for the site. Originally envisioned as an office-focused project which was scheduled to begin in April 2020, the hard lockdown fortuitously paused its development. Having introduced Divercity as co-developer, the development has been re-shaped into a top-notch residential-anchored modern multi-use neighbourhood.

“After broad and deep consideration of the property market, it became clear to us that an affordable, secure residential lifestyle development is the best use for this land. We could not be more pleased with the new plans for this property. As a unique site in an excellent location, Barlow Park will be transformed into a multifaceted neighbourhood of matchless quality, designed for the ultimate in convenient, enjoyable, and affordable living in Sandton’s very latest world-class development,” commented Derrick Pautz, Atterbury Head of Developments – Gauteng.

Through its association with Divercity Urban Property Fund, Atterbury became aware of the constant demand for quality affordable housing in prime locations in Johannesburg that are well connected to amenities, which inspired its new vision for Barlow Park. With this in mind, Atterbury introduced Divercity as a partner in the Barlow Park development. Divercity specialises in residential-focused mixed-use developments and will play a crucial role as joint development managers with Atterbury.

“Barlow Park is a breakthrough in the housing landscape in South Africa. This will be the first truly affordable rental precinct in such a premium node and will offer unmatched value for residential tenants. Through a combination of affordable pricing, exceptional location, and diverse amenities we will set a new benchmark for the industry. We are extremely proud to bring this to the market,” says Jonathan Reader, Chief Investment Officer at Divercity.

The Moolman Group and Twin City Development are also co-investing in the development.

The new Barlow Park development will include 4 100 affordable residential units in 11 apartment blocks, which will be served by free-for-resident amenities such as a recreation centre, clubhouse, pool, business centre, coffee shop, gym, and sports facilities. All this will be set within an urban forest among lush green landscaping and manicured gardens. Several of Barlow Park’s new buildings have been designed around the trees growing on the site. All indigenous trees in the precinct will be preserved during the construction process.

Barlow Park’s public space will include 5 500sqm of retail in a vibrant open-air street-level neighbourhood convenience centre anchored by Checkers and Clicks and featuring a generous mix of eateries, fast foods, banking, and more. Located at the high-profile traffic-signalled corner of Katherine Street, it is also ideal for commuters to access. The development plan allows for a primary school, high school and pre-school, a medical centre, as well as shared office space with a Curro DigiEd high school secured in the first phase opening.

Starting to the west end of the site, at its accessible main entrance from Katherine Street, the first phase of the development will include the convenience retail, the high school, and the 750 residential units that make up the first two apartment blocks. Barlow Park will be developed out towards the east of the precinct, with the second phase of 860 units in the next two residential blocks planned to commence a year later. The roll-out of the Barlow Park development will respond to demand, with the entire project expected to take six to eight years to develop.

Atterbury, with its commercial property asset management expertise, and Divercity, with its rental housing asset management skill, will perform the asset management functions for the completed development.

“Atterbury and Divercity are extremely proud to have assembled a development designed for the new way of living, one that creates a legacy project for Barloworld and has enabled us to attract a consortium of co-investors superbly matched to deliver the large-scale redevelopment of this corporate park,” reports Pautz.

Barlow Park is situated at 180 Katherine Street in the financial capital of Sandton. The property enjoys a prime position flanked by the M1 highway and the major Katherine Street thoroughfare. It has excellent access and superb visibility on both major arterials and is less than two kilometres from both the Grayston Avenue and Marlboro Drive offramps from the M1.

Source: Property Wheel