By Michael Young

A few months ago, I decided to upgrade my current home internet from LTE to fibre and the experience I had was completely aligned with ECSA requirements.

I conducted some research, chose an Internet service provider and placed through the order. I was informed that my fibre installation would occur within the next 10-12 working days and that someone would contact me shortly.

I patiently waited, and 15 working days later, no one had contacted me. I phoned the internet service provider and they informed me that I must deal directly with the fibre company and not the internet service provider for the fibre installation. I contacted the fibre company and I was informed that my order had not been processed, and I must deal with the internet service provider. Cutting a long story short and after much frustration, I eventually got internet fibre for my home – seven weeks after placing the order.

If you had gone through this back and forth process, would you become frustrated? The answer would probably be yes. Firstly, there is a clear lack of communication between the fibre installation company and the internet service provider. Secondly, no one took the lead to solve the client’s problem.

After having gone through this experience, would you recommend this fibre company to your friends? Would you say this business is professional and helpful to their clients? You would probably say ‘No’.

A story like this is exactly what ECSA do not want to see within the industry.

Being engineers, we are required to take charge of projects and do everything within our power to resolve a problem as it occurs. Now some of you may say, “Outcome 4 is management of an engineering activity, surely that is not resolving problems?”

This is where many candidates go wrong, accomplishing outcome 4 is NOT project management. It is dealing with finances, legal issues, and resources such as time and money when unexpected events happen.

The goal is to handle the event in a professional manner and to communicate clearly with your team, stakeholders, suppliers, and to be fair, with each decision you make. That is why clear communication is outcome 5 as the goal is to be able to interpret and deliver clear instructions to all parties involved so each project is a success.

So, let’s imagine my experience had been different. Let’s say the internet service provider took charge of the situation, told me what events were occurring and how the problem was going to be solved within the next 24 hours. My perception of this particular internet service provider would be very different, and I would be encouraging all my friends to sign up with them for internet fibre. This was a very important lesson to learn – look after your clients and your clients will look after your profits. Take the lead and constant communication can be a key differentiator within a market where clients are willing to pay premiums for excellent service.

You do not have to walk this ECSA registration journey alone, send an email to and tell me your ECSA registration problem. I guarantee that I will be able to provide you with the correct guidance.

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