An intriguing sector that continues developing skills

An intriguing sector that continues developing skills

Even from her varsity years, Vuyisanani Majija found excitement in the different elements the HVACR sector.

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Majija was born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape  where she spent some of her childhood whereafter she moved to a hostel in Grahamstown. Her years up to her tertiary studies were split between these two cities.

She currently works as a junior engineer at Energy Partners Refrigeration, and when asked how she got into the industry, she laughs and says it’s rather a matter of the industry ‘got her’. “I was job hunting for a while after I finished my BTech in mechanical engineering and when this opportunity presented itself, I embraced it. I am very happy I ended up in this sector because, even during my studies, I enjoyed thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and mathematics. It’s a best-case scenario for me in all honesty. The one thing, however, that got me into mechanical engineering in the first place, was having the ability to apply my mind on paper and then get things physically moving. It’s the best feeling ever.”

Majija’s hobbies and interests outside of work involve various adrenaline-inducing activities that she says she enjoys very much – things like bungee-jumping, amusement park rides and so on make the cut on her list. She also enjoys the simple things in life, for example, games nights with family and friends.

When considering what she thinks her most significant achievement is to-date, she believes holding her space in this sector is notable. “It’s been two years since I started working in industrial refrigeration and I’ve come to realise that it is a very interesting field. It is vast and every project is different, thus every project opens an opportunity to improve your skills. Having the ability to learn, stand my ground and bring something to the table in such a mind-stimulating area of work is an amazing achievement for me.”

Choosing a particular thing to better the industry, Majija says that capital costs shouldn’t be the determining factor of the solutions provided to the end user. It is important to have a holistic view of the total project costs which are heavily influenced by life cycle costs. Life cycle costs include energy (electricity) and maintenance. “Energy saving reduces life cycle costs substantially therefore it is also important that we look at solutions from an energy saving point of view. In my opinion, it’s imperative that one considers the ‘return on investment’ phenomenon.”

Majija points to Cooling as a Service (CaaS) emerging as a major theme in future, and one that will continue to gain popularity. CaaS involves building or business owners paying for their required cooling through a servitisation-model instead of investing in the infrastructure themselves. The technology provider owns the cooling system, maintains it, and covers all operational costs including electricity. The periodic payments made by the customer are fixed-cost-per-unit and based on metered usage, whereby the client does not bear any risk related to the performance of the cooling equipment, and the technology provider has the incentive to install the equipment offering the lowest life cycle cost to make the service most cost-effective.

The clients benefit through high-quality services and don’t need to allocate any budget to acquire or build a system. Technology providers then benefit from a continuous income stream and can establish long-term relationships with clients. “This is a genius idea because all parties benefit equally and are able to focus on what they do best. The further advantage of course comes in the form of addressing the needs around being energy conscious,” she concludes.



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