Gert van Rooyen: Achievement is about teamwork: By Benjamin Brits

Gert van Rooyen: Achievement is about teamwork

By Benjamin Brits

A born and bred Johannesburg resident, this young engineer spends his days doing what he loves – providing solutions.

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Fourways logo 01Attending a local high school, having never moved away from his city of birth, van Rooyen also completed his mechanical engineering degree at the University of Johannesburg. Admittedly, he remembers first year engineering thermodynamics being a particularly challenging subject. However, he now says that once you understand the basic principles everything becomes clear and all the problems can be solved.

Starting out his career directly after graduation, he was offered employment at HC Heat Exchangers, where he celebrated his 10th year with the business in February this year. The opportunity made sense to him in the fact that although the sector may grow or shrink, the need for food to be kept cold and many buildings to be conditioned is something that is never going to go away.

“Getting into the HVACR sector, I started to enjoy it more and more, and I echo the sentiment of colleagues that the industry has a seemingly endless range of interesting projects to work on. We have opportunities, and more importantly the responsibility, to make systems better and more efficient, as well as investigating and investing in new technologies,” he says. “Being part of the HC group of companies gives me the opportunity to constantly work to these ideals.”

Clearly a fun-loving and proud father too, van Rooyen enjoys spending time with the “coolest kid the world has ever seen”, exploring, adventuring, and jumping off whatever he can to be a part of his child’s journey. [At the time of publishing van Rooyen was expecting his second child].

Although there are a few things that stand out for van Rooyen personally, when it comes to personal achievement, he believes that any success is always reached through a team and not an individual. Even though each team member works on individual parts, those parts alone can’t make the project.

“Working together is what gets you to the end-goal. People have different skillsets and for me identifying meaningful career achievements is more about learning to grow and overcome challenges while gaining experience and creating solutions for your clients, together,” he adds.

Looking into the crystal ball of the future, van Rooyen knows that every ambitious person, like himself, wants to grow in their knowledge and experience to one day be in charge of a business or division. Van Rooyen adds that he believes in the importance of growing in responsibility in any business but that it shouldn’t be at the expense of losing touch with where you started. When the balance becomes uneven you may either lose the passion you had or become ineffective at taking on new challenges and enjoying the opportunities of growth.

For this reason, he feels for his future that he wants to always remain involved in offering solutions in design. Due to the trajectory of the HC group of companies and the various companies being established to offer value to more segments of the industry, he wants to focus his growth to the full scale project design team. He believes that the unique offerings and opportunities presented by the various companies enable the team to successfully partner with all role players in the market, so all successes are shared. “As it has been said we need to focus on where me meet and not where we compete,” he says.

“The ultimate result for me is growing and learning, improving what and how I do things and identifying the improvements of the future,” he concludes.

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