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How HVAC maintenance save you resources in the long run

In simple terms, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) refers to how air moves between indoor and outdoor areas. It can be warm or cool, but what’s most important is keeping the air clean and healthy.

By LG Air Solutions SA

Now that winter is here, we tend to crank up the heating in our homes or home offices and work offices, meaning that these HVAC systems are working overtime to keep us comfortable and – you guessed it – healthy.

Therefore, regular maintenance of these systems is crucial. For a small investment, homeowners and office managers can avoid health risks and unforeseen costs from wear and tear. It has the potential to not only save you money but help the environment in the process.

Let’s get into the benefits of maintaining your HVAC products.

It saves you money

When an HVAC system works as it should and isn’t trying to overcompensate by working harder, this can save you energy and reduce your electricity bill. Likewise, if you keep it well maintained, it should still be protected under warranty when you do need to repair or replace it, saving you even more.

But what do you do when the air conditioner or heating system is already outside of its warranty? While some choose to leave it and hope for better days, it’s fundamental that you regularly maintain the system, thereby extending the life of your product.

It keeps us healthy

People with respiratory issues like asthma need to be exposed to cleaner air than others, making well-filtered, clean air a must in homes and office spaces. But that’s not to say that everyone else is in the clear. Regular maintenance can help reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning – the colourless, odourless gas with sometimes-deadly effects. Most commonly, this gas is leaked when the heat exchanger cracks or fails – but is luckily always checked during maintenance.

A properly maintained HVAC system not only keeps your surroundings at the perfect temperature but also ensures that the air is clean and fresh.

It works more efficiently

You can’t expect the system to continue running as smoothly as when you took it out of the box without regular maintenance. Its main function is improving air quality, be it protecting us against harmful particles in the air or just expelling constant heat or cold to every corner of the room. So, make sure your system continues to operate as it should by conducting regular maintenance.

It improves comfort

Imagine living through winter in complete comfort. The temperature is constantly the same, the ventilation is smooth, and at night you sleep peacefully knowing that you won’t need to get up and pull another blanket over your bed to keep you warm.

Now imagine fluctuations in temperature, where the system can’t distribute air as evenly and steadily as before. It’s also started making strange noises that disrupt your activities. An easy solution is cleaning your ductwork or calling on the professionals to do a maintenance check.

It’s better for the environment

As mentioned before, when an HVAC system works properly, it will use considerably less energy. One of the easiest ways to conserve energy and keep your carbon footprint to a minimum is by simply maintaining these products.

A lack of maintenance and cleaning in an air conditioner can result in problems and inefficiencies. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance sessions and choose an HVAC brand that focuses on health and safety during the design phase.