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Gree is showcasing their GMV6 DC inverter multi VRF system that adopts advanced technologies such as efficient low-temperature enthalpy-adding system, partition heat exchange flow path, subcooling design, integrated aluminium electronic control, reliable operation control under ultra-low temperature and so on, so the unit can operate smoothly between -30℃~55℃. It provides a comfortable environment for the user no matter in severe cold or intense heat. 

The capacity range of GMV6 is 22.4kW~272kW, from 8HP~96HP, 45 models in total. Wide capacity range and flexible combination. It can be applied to the commercial occasions like large office building, production factory, large malls, or residential villas.

GMV6 series can not only realise low temperature heating function, operation ranges under low and high temperature is wider, but also has all the functions of their GMV5. Thanks to the advanced full DC inverter technology, it offers optimised AC system design and precise intelligent control technology.

Gree DC inverter multi VRF systems fully consider comfort requirements, the humanised technology upgrades, and quiet modes of ODU.