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Glacier Door Systems has introduced the Air Shield (‘Close the Case’) Glass Door retrofit solution for refrigerated supermarket display cases, as well as the Eco Leaf Replacement Glass Door for existing glass door freezer rooms and glass door freezer display cabinets.

Both solutions guarantee energy-savings in an ever-increasing energy cost environment. Part of the well-established Universal Industries Group, Glacier has 26 years’ experience and is an acknowledged industry leader in refrigeration door technology. Innovative and forward-thinking, the company is built on cutting-edge technology, technical expertise, and a customer-centric approach.

The value benefits include:

  • High-quality locally manufactured solutions featuring the latest energy saving technology.
  • Demonstrated good pay back periods can be expected.
  • Customised solutions to suit your store.
  • ISO 9001 accredited factory.
  • Safety toughened glass in accordance with SABS/SANS certification.
  • Flexible installation timing to offset any customer disruption.
  • Financing options available.

Features include:

  • Double glazed glass doors with Argon gas-fill for superior insulation.
  • Glass durability and clarity with standard torsion bar or hydraulic hinge options for positive closing.
  • Glass door heating option for high humidity environments.
  • Glass doors available with hold open brackets and LED lighting options.
  • Flex modelling means glass panels are customised to fit existing cabinets and are tailored to suit each store’s specific environment.