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SABS Approved Flexible Ducting:

20% thicker compared to our competitors


ACOUSTIC FLEX is constructed from aluminium tape on the inside and metallised polyester tape on the outside which encapsulates a spiral galvanized steel wire and is chemically bonded using self-extinguishing fire-retardant adhesives. The appearance of the core is silver with perforations at regular intervals. Acoustic Flex is supplied in 10-metre lengths and is not a stock item therefore requires 10 days lead time to manufacture and supply.

{os-gal-198} ALUFLEX is a high-quality product and is suitable for residential and Commercial refrigerated air conditioning, evaporative cooling, and heating and ventilation applications. Suitable for return air flexible ductwork on commercial applications.
{os-gal-199} DUROFLEX is a less expensive alternative to aluminium duct. It Is suitable for residential and commercial refrigerated air-conditioning, evaporative cooling, heating and ventilation applications. DUROFLEX has been AWTA & SABS tested and complies with the requirements of the South African Building Code.

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