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Energy Partners Refrigeration (EPR), part of the PSG group, is a leading provider of sustainable outsourced refrigeration solutions. We identify and develop sustainable refrigeration projects which are designed to world-class engineering standards. Through our innovative Cooling as a Service (CaaS) model, we own, operate, and maintain refrigeration assets off balance sheet, providing funding and long-term commitment to plant efficiency and reliability. We monitor our performance and proactively manage maintenance to ensure optimal efficiency, maximising client profitability.

EPR has a proven track record for innovative refrigeration solutions, evident at Dr Oetker, Johannesburg. EPR installed a new three-stage refrigeration plant, using natural refrigerants, to supply cooling to the process areas, process fluids, blast freezers, holding freezers and cold rooms. Reclaimed heat from the plant has been included in the solution to generate hot water for the site and through the Cooling as a Service (CaaS) model, the plant is optimised for operational efficiency and redundancy while achieving the lowest possible carbon footprint.

At Global Macadamia, Mpumalanga, EPR has delivered the lowest energy and most cost-effective solution for heating and cooling through innovative single plant design in the world’s largest macadamia curing and processing facility. EPR is proud to have been afforded the opportunity to deliver a solution that is truly world-class.