ABB, a leading technology and solutions provider, is proud to celebrate Women’s Day on 9 August under the theme ‘Women’s Socio-Economic Rights and Empowerment: Building Back Better for Women’s Improved Resilience’. Operations Manager, Internal Developers.

This celebration aligns with the concept of Generation Equality, connecting South Africa to the global efforts towards achieving gender equality by 2030. We look at the roles of two leading women at ABB:

Jacky Mbanga, HR Business Partner for ABB Electrification, South Africa

Jacky Mbanga, HR Business Partner for ABB Electrification, South Africa. Image supplied by ABB

Jacky Mbanga, HR Business Partner for ABB Electrification, South Africa. Image supplied by ABB

Mbanga holds an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology. With eight years at ABB to date, Mbanga has played an instrumental role in driving its People Agenda and ensuring that the workforce is equipped with the skills and competence necessary to achieve business objectives, keeping in mind how the world of work has changed and how the country is battling with limited talent.

Mbanga’s role is to develop ABB’s talent pool so that it is in line with and responsive to the changing needs of the business. This involves partnering with key business stakeholders to identify talent management requirements for technical and functional professionals to embed a culture of high performance.

Mbanga’s professional highlights for this year include witnessing the Electrification Business promoting more women into leadership roles, marking significant progress in the journey towards gender equality in the workplace. Jacky also acknowledges the challenges she faces as a woman in a traditionally male dominated industry.

“Working in a male dominated environment often means navigating through barriers and proving oneself in the boardroom. Yet, I firmly believe in knowing my purpose and raising my voice when it matters. Witnessing people grow in their careers through my work is what fuels my passion to make a difference every day,” says Mbanga.

Diversity and inclusion are key strategic priorities for ABB, extending beyond gender diversity to encompass various cultural backgrounds and perspectives. ABB’s commitment to local transformation is reflected in its dedicated focus on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) as part of its licence to operate in South Africa.

Ziyanda Gova, HSE Manager, Service Division, ABB Electrification

Ziyanda Gova, HSE Manager, Service Division, ABB Electrification. Image supplied by ABB

Ziyanda Gova, HSE Manager, Service Division, ABB Electrification. Image supplied by ABB

Gova holds multiple qualifications that have equipped her for her role as HSE Manager. She has a degree in Environmental Monitoring and Modelling, a qualification in Environmental Management, a certificate in Business Management Practice, and a certificate in Safety Management.

Gova plays a vital role in ensuring overall compliance with Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) standards within the Service Division. Leading a team of four, she is responsible for driving HSE performance, supporting tender reviews, managing reporting, and fostering a culture of safety awareness.

For Gova, Women’s Day signifies freedom to become and acknowledges the contributions of extraordinary women who paved the way for the rights enjoyed today. She acknowledges the lack of female representation at project sites. However, she overcomes these obstacles by being assertive and determined to make her voice heard.

“ABB’s overall reputation appealed to me. Working with such a highly skilled and experienced group of individuals accelerated my career progression. I started at ABB as an HSE graduate in training. I was later appointed as HSE Specialist and now am HSE Manager. When you put an extra effort into your work, it does not go unnoticed. It is rewarding to work for such a company that acknowledges your efforts.”

ABB’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 2030 plans to double the proportion of female managers worldwide over the next decade. With this initiative, ABB aims at achieving a 25% share of women in senior management positions from currently 12.5%.

On Women’s Day 2023, ABB reaffirms its commitment to promoting women’s socio-economic rights, empowering women, and building a more inclusive and resilient future.