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Dalucon Refrigeration Products (DRP) presents their structural insulated panels. Polyurethane rigid foam acts as the structural component of sandwich panels, allowing the development of light, wide-span, load-bearing building elements which are quick and easy to erect. These new methods have become particularly popular for PUR in the construction of industrial buildings.

The PUR metal sandwich panel has become a well-accepted building product for facades and roofs due to its superior thermal and structural properties. Thicknesses used today are between 40 – 150mm.

DRP now has the ultimate and latest in EU technology in dosing equipment – a 16.5m long PU press – the longest in South Africa producing a maximum length per panel of 16.5m – with no joins!

These building panels are widely used today for facades and roofs for:

  • All types of industrial buildings for production, pharmaceutical and storage facilities
  • Partitioning
  • Low-cost on-site accommodation

DRP is proud to also include IBR insulated roofing into its product range.

DRP also has their own in-house roll forming machines that make up our own design, 1 000mm wide roof ‘IBR profile type’ roofing panel. Advantages of insulated roofing panels includes:

  • Barrier against cold and hot temperatures
  • Sound improvement in noisy environments and in environmentally noisy situations
  • Power savings, use of air conditioners or refrigeration is lower
  • Polyurethane option has good fire properties and characteristics
  • Long length spans
  • Will save on roof supports and will have a wider coverage per panel