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FRIGAIR products showcase


Keystar Industries

Optimal management of energy consumption in a supermarket cannot be separated from adequate cooling control of refrigeration counters. For supermarkets, Eliwell offers Domino Zero, the latest iteration of its efficient Domino controller for sustainable refrigeration systems with transcritical CO₂ as well as all common refrigerants.

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The decision whether or not to invest in capital intensive projects for expansion in South Africa is never easy. In the end, it becomes a combination of risk management and a leap of faith together with the knowledge that customer satisfaction is ultimately achieved by service delivery and quality. 

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TCL was established in 1981 and entered the air conditioning industry in 1999. TCL has been expanding its air conditioning business all over the world and continues to grow its product offerings. It has invested a lot in R&D, and the product portfolio covers different product types such as split AC, portable AC, and commercial AC to meet multiple consumer needs.

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Today’s competitive market presents each business with unique challenges and requirements. Stab-a-Load not only has the right product mix to meet these needs but also industry experience to provide our customers with a competitive edge in the market. We strive to streamline, optimise, and radically improve your operation enabling you to move your products to market efficiently and provide you with cost-effective end to end material handling solutions which are user friendly and reliable.

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SMAC Enterprises

SMAC Enterprises

Munters is taking climate control into the future with the new AirC. Since 1955, Munters has been defining the future of air treatment solutions and continues to innovate with the launch of the AirC control platform that revolutionises the way that Munters dehumidifiers operate.

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