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Carel’s presence at FRIGAIR 2022 will be to showcase key advancements in technology aimed at reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency, delivered with higher precision and control. And, with the continued expansion of our IoT capabilities, improving data analytics with full remote control and monitoring.

HVAC Solutions:

Green integration: BACS – helping save the world! However emphatic the title may sound, there are good reasons to believe that BACS (Building Automation and Control Systems) in the HVAC market will play a prominent role in reducing the energy used by buildings and their related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Carel’s c.pCO controller represents the evolution towards unprecedented networking capabilities for building automation. Thanks to a Multitasking Operating System and the adoption of standard protocols, local and remote connectivity are the key innovation of the new c.pCO system, perfectly positioned for green integration.

Refrigeration Solutions:

Responding to the increasing demands for safer, more efficient solutions from retailers, Carel’s total refrigeration solution HeosBox is born.

Referred to as a ‘semi-plug-in’ unit, HeosBox incorporates all the features and benefits derived from a continuous modulation control philosophy, exactly matching cooling output to cooling demand under all load conditions. With solutions also available for use with R290 (Propane), HeosBox will be a sustainable high efficiency solution with full IoT connectivity.

MPXone with E2V expansion valves completes the control solution for advanced evaporator control.

And for medium and smaller systems the BOSS family is extended with Mini & Micro supervisors featuring built-in Wi-Fi with easy access from all mobile devices. And, now for the first time ever on a Carel supervisor, BOSS introduces the leading protocol in HVAC supervision applications – BACnet.