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Calling on users of, or stockpile holding of CFCs

As a leader in the supply and lifecycle management of refrigerants and associated products and services, A-Gas’s offer includes lifecycle stewardship by taking on the responsibility of waste management from end-users and contractors, helping to easily fulfil legislative and regulatory obligations.

A-Gas South Africa is wanting to find out from the sectors that make use of CFC refrigerants if anyone is aware of any critical users on CFCs (R12, R11, R13 & R502) currently in the country and surrounding regions as they will be sending a final batch of CFCs abroad for destruction and also require to know if there are still systems running on CFCs that must be catered for.

Secondly, they are wanting to understand if anyone has a CFC stockpile that they would like taken over to get rid of, so this can also be added to the last shipment for destruction at a TEAP approved destruction facility.

This request is for the whole of the SADC region, wherever there are critical users of CFCs. An understand needs to be established if there is a need to keep back any CFCs to support any systems in the SADC region. Once SA ships CFCs out for destruction, no more claimed CFCs will be available to supply any critical users. In addition, if there is anyone sitting with unwanted CFC stock, they should let A-Gas know as well, so they can arrange to consolidate this stock.

This is all in support of the Montreal Protocol and ensuring these gases do not escape into the environment.

Feedback is required by 16 July 2021.

Please contact: Michael Labacher, the A-Gas offices directly (+27 0 21 551 8790), or visit their website