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Business savvy – Have unshakeable confidence

What do multibillionaire business titans like Mark Cuban and Donald Trump have in common? They are insanely confident and continually choose to press onward rather than allowing self-doubt to cripple them. 

Even if Donald Trump makes a remark that makes him sound like an idiot to everyone else in the room, he does not lose any sleep over it because he is inherently confident in himself. While reaching this type of confidence is often easier said than done, you should strive to achieve at least a solid level of self-belief and recognise your inherent value. 

Use fear as fuel

Fear is primal and has aided in the survival of the human species for thousands of years. 

But guess what? Even the ultimate alphas and winners of this world face fear in some form on a continual basis. 

The key to success is knowing how to manage it and turn it into excitement to improve your performance. In fact, Fast Company reports that “many professional athletes and successful entrepreneurs frame their anxieties as feeling ‘pumped up,’ harnessing those normal jitters to work in their favour.” 

View mistakes as a learning tool 

While some people view mistakes as something to be avoided at all costs, successful people tend to embrace them and view them as something that is beneficial. The bottom line is that you are going to make mistakes – a lot of them, in fact.

But this should not deter you from taking risks and experimenting. Simply accept that you will make your fair share of mistakes and keep pressing onward. Just make sure that you are legitimately learning from them and not making the same mistakes over and over.