Polaris Technologies, an Australian HVAC company, installed its hydrocarbon-based air-conditioning units at a one-storey office building in Northern Sydney, occupied by Unisson Disability, a provider of disability insurance.

Ageing R22 HVAC systems were replaced with Polaris equipment for both cooling and heating.

These included the HideAway Series, ducted packaged units that don’t require an outdoor unit, and the Intelligent Series, split systems with investor technology that are designed to replace R22 HVAC systems by leveraging existing equipment. Both series employ M60, a hydrocarbon refrigerant blend from Engas consisting of under 35% propane, more than 60% propylene, less than 5% isobutane, and less than 1% butane.

The new systems use 50% less refrigerant than the previous one, including .54kg of M60 per HideAway unit, and 1.9kg per Intelligent Series unit.

The Polaris systems were commissioned in early December and have delivered comfortable 22°C conditions. Ambient temperatures at the site in Sydney have reached up to 45°C in summer while humidity reached over 80%.

The tenant commented that during start-up mode, conditions pull down to a comfortable level within 30 minutes.

The highly efficient reverse-cycle Polaris systems are expected to cut energy consumption in excess of 65% compared to the old energy-hungry R22 systems, according to Tony Power, its managing director. “These energy savings and the simplification of the installation process have resulted in a win for the owners and for the environment,” he said.

Source: accelerate24