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Barpro Storage Mobile Racking System

Mobile racking solutions were first designed in the 1960s in the UK by the Barpro Group. The storage solution was installed to overcome its own warehouse space constraints. Following the success of the first installation the group expanded into other applications and later became the mobile racking manufacturer of choice for British and European ambient and cold storage warehouses.

The concept of mobile racking arrived in South Africa where Barpro installed its first system in Hermanus. Barpro Storage SA (Pty) Ltd was established in September 1996, which followed the lead of its predecessors of the Barpro Group. This has become the foundation for what is now a global product.

How does it work?

The racking superstructure is fixed onto electrically powered mobile bases, which move on rails embedded in the floor. The mobile racks can be controlled using on-base pushbuttons or via a remote control. This is ideal for forklift operators who can open new aisles without leaving their vehicles.

There are Barpro installations in South Africa (overseen by Barpro Storage) that are still operational after more than 20 years.