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With air cleaners used in healthcare facilities – within sensitive healthcare facilities like private clinics and public hospitals – the risk of air contamination is particularly high. Airborne contaminants can come in contact with the airways, mucous, and eyes of patients and caregivers, resulting in the risk of airborne infection. In fact, dangerous bioparticles like aspergillus or viruses could increase the mortality rate in a hospital. 

Disinfection procedures are necessary to remove micro-biological deposits from surfaces and tools but have no effect in removing particles in the air. It is therefore necessary to intervene through means of air purification to break down the concentration of airborne particles, thus limiting their aerial diffusion and sedimentation.

Therefore, using HEPA air filters with an efficiency of at least 99.95% calculated on the size of MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size) is essential. The Camfil City M air purifier is equipped with two HEPA H13 filters with the addition of a layer for molecular filtration for harmful gases and odours.

To prevent any risk of cross contamination and increases in mortality rates, don’t wait any longer and contact us for a technical assessment of your facility’s indoor air quality and recommendations. Let our qualified ALPA team come support and guide your hospital to safety compliance level.