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13th GBCSA Green Building Convention to be held virtually

Join the Green Building Council SA for their 13th Green Building Virtual Convention, 28 – 30 October, on the Cities Track and explore the link between climate change and cities, why cities should be concerned about climate change and how they can respond to its impact, especially on the most vulnerable communities.

Cities contribute to climate change as urban activities are major sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Globally, cities consume around two-thirds of the world’s energy and contribute to 70% of global CO₂ emissions. Over 90% of all urban areas are coastal, putting most cities on Earth at risk of climate change effects.

Globally, cities are taking action, acknowledging that they can act faster and are closer to the citizens they serve. Many cities are developing local climate actions plans focused on multi-level transitions.

How cities respond to climate change is critically important. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions while meeting the energy needs of a growing population is one of the biggest challenges facing cities today.

Join the virtual convention and gain insights and knowledge on current topics such as:

  • Building resilience and adapting to climate change in South African cities – an insight into city policy around climate adaptation and resilience
  • Building networks: Perspectives on on-site renewable energy development
  • Social interactions: Using people and social spaces to advance climate resilience
  • Net-zero carbon cities programme: Launching a consensus position

To download the draft programme click here.