TOAC provides specialist cooling for local Amazon data centres

TOAC provides specialist cooling for local Amazon data centres


Two Ocean Air Conditioning (TOAC) has been selected as one of the contractors for global giant Amazon’s data centres to be established in South Africa this year. 

“We have an established track record of successful installations at data centres for Telkom Belldata, Vodacom centres in Belville in the Western Cape, the US Consulate in Tokai also in the Western Cape and ABSA’s facility in Century City, Cape Town. Our expertise in this field, making use of the latest advances in cooling appropriate for the sophistication and advanced technologies required for data centres, contributed to our successful bid to be involved with the Amazon centres,” says Stefan Sander, CEO of TOAC.

Computers in data centres work around the clock at high rates, which demands sophisticated cooling systems to ensure the equipment continue working optimally without overheating.

“We researched the latest technology available and will introduce a number of innovative solutions at the Amazon centres. The broader technology and IT sector in South Africa is sophisticated and, in our industry, there is world-class capability available locally that can adhere to the demands of companies like Amazon,” Sander says.

“In a modern world driven by data handling, taking care of information has become a critical service to a variety of companies. Appropriate cooling systems are a key component in this ecosystem and the demands have been instrumental in driving innovation. South Africa already has talented technicians and designers in this field. The likes of Amazon setting up in SA will drive further innovation and skills development,” Sander adds.

TOAC has a close association with Concor Construction (formerly Murray and Roberts Construction) and this secured the Amazon contract for the company. “Amazon requested that these contracts be executed as a turnkey solution. Concor selected TOAC as their preferred HVAC specialist partner to compile a packaged offer. Their bid was successful on two out of the three Amazon projects running concurrently, which ensured automatic project inclusion for TOAC as a direct subcontractor, under Concor,” Sander says.

Amazon’s president and chief technology officer, Werner Vogels, visited South Africa in March 2019, to elaborate on its strategies for the region. Business Times reported that the company has big plans for the expansion of jobs, educational initiatives and technology roll-out in South Africa. Its thrust into Africa will be spearheaded by the company’s cloud computing arm, Amazon Web Services, which has had a development centre in Cape Town since 2004.