IceOVap launch grabs industry’s interest

IceOVap launch grabs industry’s interest

On 11 June, Intramech Gauteng/ Thermacold launched the impressive IceOVap machine, a new system that combines Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) with thermal energy storage ice storage, promising great energy savings.

The event took place at the Intramech Gauteng/ Thermacold’s offices in Midrand, where everyone eagerly awaited the unveiling of the so-called ‘revolutionary’ new IceOVap machine.

The event was very well attended and there was much excitement all around. Various high-profile international guests attended this memorable occasion, including: Nicolas Winkler, CEO of Cryogel in France; Theirry Faugeras, advisor to the president of EREN France (the holding company of Cryogel); and Paolo Gentiluomo, export area manager of Climaveneta Italy. The room was also packed with local industry stakeholders who wanted to see it for themselves.

How does it work?

Using a unique intelligent control system, IceOVap automatically responds to external weather conditions, continuously adapting its cooling or heating strategy to run only the most efficient cooling systems for the ambient condition of the moment. This means the most energy efficient cooling system will be employed first, ensuring consistent performance, high efficiency and significant energy savings, explains Christo Vermeulen, managing director of Intramech Gauteng.

Conditioning the ambient supply air with the indirect coil as the first stage of cooling significantly reduces the energy required from the thermal storage, up to the point where the increasing outdoor enthalpy renders the evaporation advantage negligible.

When the outdoor air enthalpy is very high, typically when the humidity increases as a result of an impending rain storm, it causes the indoor conditions to move outside of the comfort envelope. This is where the cooling energy, stored in the ICE is employed and transferred to the second stage coil. The IDEC unit is turned into a standard chilled water air handling unit by the mixing box that closes the fresh air and opens the return air path. The building load is addressed with only the additional power consumption of the glycol pump.

“The combination of these innovations delivers what we believe is the highest performing hybrid evaporative cooling system in the world today,” said Vermeulen.

“The advantage of the ICE battery in the system is that the high demand charge rate is drastically reduced,” said Vermeulen. Combined with the IDEC unit’s very high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 28, it puts the user close to a situation where the demand charge is of almost no significance to him when compared to DX rooftop packages’ unit electrical billing. “The overall saving in rands and cents is a minimum of 60% but could be as high as 80% when waste heat from the refrigeration plant is harvested for heating on freezing high demand season mornings,” he said.

After a few words about the machine, guests could see for themselves what it looks like up close. (If you missed the occasion, search for “IceOVap on YouTube to see how it works.)

Intramech and Thermacold join forces

During the event it was also announced that as of May, Intramech and Thermacold have joined our forces in Johannesburg, and will be known as Intramech Gauteng going forward.

In addition to providing the products supplied by Thermacold to its diverse customer base, this means that the company can now also add products from Mitsubishi Electric, Hydronic and IT Cooling Systems, such as Climaveneta chillers and package equipment, and RC IT cooling and infrastructure systems, to this list.

Intramech will continue to have a presence in Johannesburg with an aftersales department to support current clients and the new clients gained from the collaboration. 


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