Control your behaviour and gain credibility

By Michael Young
In this series on how to become a company asset and break free from being an average engineer, I pose the question: have you ever stopped to ask yourself if your own behaviour is promoting or tarnishing your own credibility and image within the HVAC industry?

Many of us have been through the tough cycle of trying to find true love. These days, finding love can begin anywhere: from going to bar, going onto a dating website or even being set up on a blind date.

Yes, I know finding true love is tough as I went through my share of being stood up and rejected at point blank range. Now let me ask, how do you feel when you ask that special someone for their phone number and they either say no or they give you an incorrect mobile number? How do you react in front of them? Do you hold grudges? Do you curse and swear at them or do you kindly say thank you for the chat and walk away? How we behave when things do not go our way impacts the type of person we become as well as how others perceive us.

Take, for example, South African cricket hero Hansie Cronjé. Many saw him as a cricket icon until he was investigated for match fixing. How about rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen who was part of the 1995 rugby world cup winning side. He was caught doing drugs among other things. Both these South African icons had so much fame, so much credibility as excellent sportsmen and it took just one moment in time when they behaved inappropriately to destroy that credibility and tarnish their reputations.
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if your own behaviour is promoting or tarnishing your own credibility and image within the HVAC industry? Surprisingly, many of us do not even realise that making empty promises, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or copying certain people in an email can destroy your reputation as a professional within the industry.

I have read HVAC tenders where a specific supplier has been referred to by name and the tender has even been written around the features of a specific supplier. If you were reading this type of tender, would you feel this small action is really hosting a fair tender?

So how does one behave in a manner that is seen as a professional? Are there specific guidelines? How would one know what is deemed acceptable behaviour?

The answer is the ‘Engineering Code of Conduct’. If you are serious and want to be labelled as a professional within the HVAC industry, you can download this guideline at and start to behave in alignment with this code.

Gaining credibility and creating a name for yourself within the HVAC industry is all about how people perceive you. So being proactive, selling your technical abilities and being helpful are the first three steps that will help you build your credibility as a professional within the industry.

Next month, we share how you can gain and live up to the title of being a professional within the HVAC.

Wishing you a successful month ahead and chat soon.

Mike signature 14 8 2017

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