11 HVAC innovations changing the domestic game

11 HVAC innovations changing the domestic game

On the domestic side of our industry, which 11 innovations are shaping the future of the global HVAC market? BuilderOnline.com shared this interesting article on new solutions to help boost efficiency, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

With the rise of smart home technology adoption, home buyers increasingly expect new homes to be equipped with the latest technological advances, and the HVAC system is no exception, writes Paul Hill for www.BuilderOnline.com. The entire HVAC industry is undergoing a technological revolution to keep up with the demand of home buyers and builders.

These new solutions help with efficiency, cut costs, and improve client satisfaction. Many of these technologies are still on the drawing board, but there are some you can take advantage of how to boost your home’s comfort levels.

1. Movement-activated air conditioning

Engineers at MIT have come up with a new air conditioning design that utilises sensors along aluminium rods hung from the ceiling. Movement then activates these sensors. In other words, the air conditioner only kicks on when people are present.

A motion-activated system seems like such a simple, ingenious idea that it’s almost baffling it hasn’t been tried before now. However, this kind of prototype is just one example of how future HVAC systems are going to be more compact and portable, helping to reduce both energy and utility costs.

2. Thermally-driven air conditioning

Another design that’s recently been implemented is thermally driven air conditioning. An Australian company named Chromasun has produced a low-cost alternative to traditional air conditioning units. It isn’t a widespread technology yet, and it will likely be several years before this kind of design becomes widely available in the US. However, thermally driven air conditioning is a system that uses solar energy and is supplemented by natural gas, making it a highly efficient and effective system.

In fact, the double-chiller design provides more cooling capabilities than any other system so far, and it eliminates electricity costs altogether.

Other items on the list include:

3. On-demand hot water recirculator

4. Ice-powered air conditioning

5. Sensor-enhanced ventilation

6. Dual-fuel heat pumps

7. Smart homes

8. Fully automated homes

9. 3D printed air conditioners

10. Harnessing heat from a computer

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